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Course Duration: 24h

In this training, you will learn how IBM Agent Builder software can be used to build, customize, debug, and package agents for use with IBM Performance Management and IBM Tivoli Monitoring products. In addition, you will learn to create agents that track a wide variety of different data sources. Further, you learn to mix, match, and manipulate monitored data to create custom and monitor data points. Moreover, you will also learn how to add custom components specific to the different IBM monitoring environments. IBM Agent Builder can create custom agents for both IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.x and IBM Performance Management 8.x on-site and SaaS environments. This course is accessible to students from both environments, and students from each environment will have one class.

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IBM Agent Builder Training – Learn Online


Why should you choose  Nisa Online Training to Learn IBM Agent Builder?

Nisa Trainings is the best online training platform for conducting one-on-one interactive live sessions with a 1:1 student-teacher ratio. You can gain hands-on experience by working on near-real-time projects under the guidance of our experienced faculty. We support you even after the completion of the course and are happy to clarify your doubts anytime. Our teaching style at Nisa Trainings is entirely hands-on. You’ll have access to our desktop screen and will be actively conducting hands-on labs on your desktop.


Job Assistance

If you face any problem while working on IBM Agent Builder, then Nisa Trainings is simply a Call/Text/Email away to assist you. We offer Online Job Support for professionals to assist them and to solve their problems in real-time.

The Process we follow for our Online Job Support Service:

  • We receive your enquiry about Online Job Support.
  • We will arrange a telephone call with our consultant to grasp your complete requirement and the tools you’re using.
  • If our consultant is 100% confident in taking up your requirement and when you are also comfortable with our consultant, we will only agree to provide service. And then you have to make the payment to get the service from us.
  • We will fix the timing for Online Job Support as mutually agreed by you and our consultant.


Course Information

IBM Agent Builder Training

Duration: 24 Hours
Timings: Weekdays  (1-2 Hours per day)  [OR]  Weekends (2-3 Hours per day)
Training Method: Instructor Led Online One-on-One Live Interactive Sessions.

What I will learn?

  • Describe the IBM Agent Builder application and the types of agents you can make.
  • Describe the basic method for creating a custom agent with Agent Builder.
  • Troubleshoot Agent Builder during the development process and after deployment.
  • Create agents for both the IBM Tivoli Monitoring and the IPM Performance Management environments.
  • Create and check agents to track resource availability, such as processes, Windows services, command return codes, and network devices.
  • Create and check agents that monitor log systems, log files, and SNMP events.
  • Create and test agents to monitor data from server technologies.
  • Create and test agents that monitor data from custom technologies, such as scripts, log files, Java applications, and socket connections.
  • Create and monitor agents that include remote monitoring, custom attributes, derived attributes, client classes, user-entered configuration information, and TEP components such as queries, situations, and workspaces.
  • Develop and check agents that use sub-nodes to potentially track local or remote data sources.

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  • Basic understanding of Windows data sources, including WMI, Perfmon, Windows logs, Windows services, and Windows processes.
  • Basic understanding of multiplatform data sources, such as SNMP, JMX, processes, scripts, commands, and log files.
  • Administrator-level skills in Windows and Linux.

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