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Veeva CRM Training will assist you in mastering the most advanced and proven CRM software for the life sciences sector. The most essential feature of this CRM is superior multichannel capabilities and real-time data, which assist in engaging consumers in their preferred channels and ways. In fact, employees choose this Veeva CRM to help them enhance the client experience. Veeva CRM has been proved efficient in businesses of all sizes, from start-ups launching their first product to the world’s largest life sciences corporations.

This training will familiarize participants to Veeva CRM features and functionalities, with a focus on how end users and business stakeholders use and value them. By the completion of this course, you will be able to manage account data, interact with product data, record calls, manage call scheduling, and use reports and dashboards in Veeva CRM both online and offline.

Why should you take Veeva CRM Training?

Veeva CRM is the first solution designed particularly for life sciences and the specific requirements of human, consumer, and animal health.

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Veeva CRM Training – Learn Online


Key Features of Veeva CRM are as Follows:

  1. Multichannel Engagement Orchestrated:
    Veeva CRM is a proven life sciences solution for resource planning and coordination across all channels. Veeva CRM Approved Email and the Veeva CRM Engage family enable you to interact with difficult-to-reach HCPs in ways other than face-to-face discussions.
  2. Direct Insights at the Point of Execution:
    Veeva CRM MyInsights is a cutting-edge data visualization feature. This helps deliver the correct information to your teams when and where they need it.
  3. Anytime, Any Device, Anywhere:
    The Sunrise UI is a next-generation user interface that delivers the correct information to field teams faster, resulting in more productive field teams. Its adaptable design ensures the greatest possible experience across all platforms, including phones, tablets, and laptop computers.
  4. Suggestions Based on Data:
    Veeva CRM Suggestions is a rep dashboard that provides tailored recommendations based on data science to assist teams. This helps in determining the best action to take and the best channel to use for each customer contact.
  5. Put your customer at the center:
    Improve team planning, execution, and cooperation to provide a tailored customer experience with Veeva solutions.
  6. Drive the appropriate actions for more impact:
    Boost field team effectiveness by engaging the right consumers through the right channel.
  7. Increase engagement with actionable insights:
    Improve customer interactions by delivering meaningful, data-driven information right at the point of execution.

This Veeva CRM course will also teach you how to Work in Veeva CRM Online and Offline, Describe Object Data, Create Account Lists and Account Views, Use the Global Account Search, View and update product metrics, View the Account Timeline, and Describe Salesforce reporting features.

Why should you choose  Nisa for Veeva CRM Training?

Nisa Trainings is the best online training platform for conducting one-on-one interactive live sessions with a 1:1 student-teacher ratio. You can gain hands-on experience by working on near-real-time projects under the guidance of our experienced faculty. We support you even after the completion of the course and are happy to clarify your doubts anytime. Our teaching style at Nisa Trainings is entirely hands-on. You’ll have access to our desktop screen and will be actively conducting hands-on labs on your desktop.


Job Assistance

If you face any problem while working on Veeva CRM, then Nisa Trainings is simply a Call/Text/Email away to assist you. We offer Online Job Support for professionals to assist them and to solve their problems in real-time.

The Process we follow for our Online Job Support Service:

  • We receive your enquiry about Online Job Support.
  • We will arrange a telephone call with our consultant to grasp your complete requirement and the tools you’re using.
  • If our consultant is 100% confident in taking up your requirement and when you are also comfortable with our consultant, we will only agree to provide service. And then you have to make the payment to get the service from us.
  • We will fix the timing for Online Job Support as mutually agreed by you and our consultant.

Course Information
Veeva CRM
Duration: 25 Hours
Timings: Weekdays  (1-2 Hours per day)  [OR]  Weekends (2-3 Hours per day)

Training Method: Instructor Led Online One-on-One Live Interactive Sessions.

What I will learn?

  • Utilize Veeva CRM within an internet browser
  • Explain offline use of Veeva CRM mobile application
  • Make use of to use the Veeva CRM mobile application.
  • Define the terms used to describe accounts.
  • Edit, view, and create accounts. View, edit, and create
  • Define what products are
  • View and edit metrics for the product
  • Explain what calls are.
  • Recorded calls
  • Make use of My Schedule to plan calls.
  • Define Salesforce the capabilities of reporting


  • There are no prerequisites required to study this course.
  • Veeva CRM Training course, any person who understands programming basics and knowledge of Salesforce can be benefitted.

Target Audience

  • Any person who is serving in the capacity of Veeva CRM System or Business Manager.

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