DataStage Training

DataStage Training


Datastage Training helps you understand different stages like Lookup, Join, Merge, and Change apply and capture, Link partition and collector, XML, and database files. It is an ETL tool that triggers data, measures, and transforms data from source to destination. DataStage is a user-friendly tool that helps you to design quickly, develop and deploy.

The Datastage corporate course includes Sequential files, relational databases, archives, and external data files. This is highly scalable, which helps to maintain partitioning and parallel mechanisms. Datastage maintains data extracting, data translation and data loading from one point to another. It leverages high-performance unique framework tools available in the cloud.

Datastage Online Training includes the features like Metadata server, Quality stage, Parallel job range lookup, Frictionless Connectivity, Connection Objects, Session Disconnection, Collaboration, SCD, Improved SQL Builder, Common logging, Improved job startup times.


The Datastage online course provides 3 stages:


  • Server Job Database Stages.
  • Server Job File Stages.
  • Dynamic Relational Stages.
  • Processing Stages.

Advantages of Datastage Training are:


  • Authorizes high-performance batch.
  • Real-time data extraction.
  • Transforming and Loading.
  • Provides Scalability.
  • Efficient and Productive.
  • Combine data from data sources.
  • Data Stage builds solutions faster and gives users access.
DataStage Online Training – Learn Online

After completing the Datastage tutorial, trainees will be able to learn:


  • Overview of DataStage.
  • Introduction to ETL platform.
  • Building and managing data.
  • Extract, Integrate, Aggregate, Load, and Transform the data.
  • Create and reuse metadata and job components.
  • Run, Monitor, and Schedule these jobs.
  • Support Workload distribution and data integration.
  • Interfacing multiple databases.
  • String Functions in DataStage.
  • Key less Technique in Data Stage.

Nisa training is one of the best online platforms for IT corporate training. Nisa’s Datastage online Training gives an overview of the product and the architecture of the product. It helps to maintain data and extract data from source to destination. Students can take the Datastage exam and get Datastage certification. We provide 24/7 support to the trainees. Datastage study material is provided to the trainees. Join Nisa’s Datastage Certification course and get placed in the top MNC companies.


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