IBM BigFix Training

IBM BigFix Training


IBM BigFix corporate training gives an understanding of primary and intermediate level concepts. It helps students in the operator and central roles of the application to gain skills required to use IBM Big Fix in their environment effectively.

IBM BigFix provides fast and inherent solutions for compliance, security management and endpoint. IBM bigfix allows the organisation to manage virtual and physical endpoints through a single agent, single console, and single infrastructure.


Features of IBM BigFix corproate course are:


  • Single console – Must install it on every computer that has to be managed.
  • A single intelligent agent – Whatever specific solution, endpoint protection system lifecycle management or security configuration and vulnerability management.
  • Single server –  It is a single server that coordinates the flow of information to and from individual clients.
  • Single console – Whatever we use specific solutions, ether it is endpoint protection system, vulnerability, system lifecycle management or security configuration, A single console manages it.
  • Optionally a second server – A disaster server architecture (DSA) server that replicates the server information for disaster recovery.
  • Optionally one or more relays – A relay is a client that enhances a relay service. It performs all client actions to protect the host computers.
  • Web reports – Web reports can help produce charts and graphs of the data, maintain an audit trail of all the fixed activity in the network.
IBM BigFix
IBM BigFix Online Training – Learn Online


Companies using IBM Bigfix are :Ashok Leyland, DHL, Atos, KPMG, Deloitte, Tata consultancy services, Tech Mahindra, Vestas, Essar, NTT Data, Kellogg’s Lamprell and many more.


On completion of Nisa’a IBM BigFix online training, you will be able to:


  • Overview of IBM BigFix product
  • IBM BigFix Architecture
  • IBM BigFix Operations
  • Platform Configuration
  • Site Management
  • Patch management
  • Operator Administration
  • Troubleshooting

Nisa training is one of the best platforms for all corporate activity. Nisa’s BigFix online training gives an overview of the product and the architecture of the product. It includes its operations, site management, platform configuration. IBM BigFix online course provides patch troubleshooting and operator administration. The duration of Nisa’s BigFix training is 25 hours. On completion you will get IBM BigFix online certification from IBM BigFix exert. Nisa’s IBM BigFix corporate training course material is provided for their reference, along with the recorded videos for practice.


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