IBM Guardium Training

IBM Guardium Training 


Nisa’s IBM Guardium training gives an overview on how to harden, discover, monitor and protect your database environment.

IBM Security guardiam of IBM is a comprehensive data protection platform and help to safeguard critical data. Enables security to analyze sensitive data environments automatically. It might be databases, big data platforms, data warehouses, cloud environments, files system and many more. Helps to minimize risk, protect sensitive data from external and internal threats and adapt to IT changes that may impact data security. It provides a simple robust solution for preventing data leaks from database files. This ensures integrity of information in data centres and automates compliances.


IBM Guardiam training is offered in two versions : 


  • Security Guardium File Activity Monitoring (FAM)
  • IBM Security Guardium Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)


 Key features of IBM Guardium:


  • Audit and monitor all data activity.
  • The heterogeneous environment is supported.
  • Enforces security policies in real-time.
  • Accelerates audit activities and compliance workflows.
  • Leverages the rest of the IBM security guardian solutions.
  • Compliance audit activities and workflows.
  • Creates a repository for all data.
  • Enforces security policies in real-time.
  • Uncover external and internal risk.
IBM Guardium
IBM Guardium Online Training – Learn Online


Benefits of IBM Guardium corporate course:


  • Enables high visibility at a granular level into database transactions that involves sensitive data.
  • Automatically assess database configuration flaws and vulnerabilities.
  • keeps track of activities of end-user who have accesses data indirectly through enterprise applications.
  • Classify sensitive information, locate databases and discover within them automatically.
  • After recommended changes are implemented, ensures the configuration is locked down.
  • Automates the entire compliance auditing process.
  • Includes creating and distribution of reports.
  • Capturing signatures and comments.


Nisa‘s IBM Guardium corporate course gives a brief on customizing guardian V11 to find, evaluate, identify, secure and monitor access to sensitive data. You will learn how to track data and file behaviour and vulnerability evaluation. IBM Guardium online course shows how to build records, warnings, audits, measurements and compliance oversight processes. IBM Guardium online training is designed for database administrators, security analysts, security administrators, professional services, technical security architects using IBM guardian.


On completion of Nisa’a IBM Guardium course, you will be able to:


  • Identify the primary functions of IBM Security Guardium.
  • Apply key guardium architecture components.
  • Navigate the guardium user interface and command-line interface.
  • Manage user access to guardium.
  • Build and populate guardium groups.
  • Use the administration console to manage guardium components.
  • Configure policy rules that process the information gathered from database and file servers.
  • Use the configuration auditing system, Vulnerability Assessment application, and Database Discovery to perform data security tasks.
  • Create queries and reports to examine trends and gather data.
  • Automate compliance workflow processes
  • Use file activity monitoring to keep track of the files on your servers.


Nisa Trainings is the best online training platform where we conduct one-on-one interactive live sessions with a student-teacher ratio. Students can gain hands-on experience by working on near-real-time projects under the guidance of our experienced faculty. You’ll have access to our desktop screen and actively conducting hands-on labs on your desktop. We serve 24/7 for all your needs. IBM Guardium certification is provided on completion of the training. IBM Guardium corporate training study material is provided for their reference, along with recorded videos. To enrol and learn from the experts. Avail discounts on prior registration.



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