IBM ISAM Training

IBM ISAM Training


IBM ISAM Training is an indexed sequential access method of creating, manipulating and maintaining computer files of data. It provides end-to-end protection resources over extranets and intranets.

IBM ISAM provides authorization, authentication, data security and centralized resource management capabilities. It can be deployed on-premises, virtual or hardware appliance or containerized with docker.IBM ISAM Training helps you simplifies user’s access by securely adopting mobile, web, IOT and cloud technologies. It verifies access to helps to strike a balance between security and usability. Is done by the use of risk-based access, integrated management control, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and identity federation. This can take back control of access management with verify access.


Benefits of IBM ISAM are:


  • Ensures risk-aware authentication – It assesses high factors of risk and protects sensitive and critical assets.
  • Manages access to all platforms – It can be accessed on-premises, cloud and on mobile.
  • Removes barrier to mobile productivity – Can enable it on mobiles for convenient and secure access with the Verify mobile companion app for multi-factor authentication.


IBM Security Access Manager offers the following features:


  • Securely adopt mobile: IBM ISAM has firm control of the critical assets accessed on the mobile. Verify access establishes strong mobile multi-factor authentication. This will helps you allow deny or challenge mobile requests based on the risk factors.
  • Enables risk-based authentication: Verify access risk  scoring engine is adopted with risk-based access controls. This feature enforces context-aware authorization using information about users, their devices and other session-based details without interfering with the end-users session.
  • Establish identity federation:Verify access establishes a robust multi-factor authentication on the mobile that helps to have firm control of the critical assets on the device.
  • Strikes balance between usability and security: Verify Acess identity federation helps in smooth single sign-on experience on mobile and desktop which securely integrates third-party Saas application into the existing infrastructure.
  • Robust authentication:It has a strong authentication that goes beyond username and password. It enables multi-factor authentication, a risky access request with a one-time password, knowledge-based questions and email verification.
IBM ISAM Online Training – Learn Online


Why Should Choose Nisa Trainings?


DHL, KPMG, Tech Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, PWC, HP, Kellogg’s, Momentive, Vestas, Essar, NTT Data, Lamprell are some companies using IBM ISAM.

Nisa is an online corporate training platform. We offer various online certification courses. We stand out as the best in the market for real-time hands on-experience given to the students. IBM ISAM training is an online training where students have trained 1:1 ratio online. Nisa provides IBM ISAM online course study material to students for their reference. Recorded sessions offered to the students that helps them to practice through it at their convenience. We are a 24/7 working environment to support our clients. IBM security access manager training is one of the best training in Nisa as we have experienced trainers who have been working on real-time projects.


On completion of Nisa’s IBM ISAM training, You will be able to:


  • Describe the IBM Security Access Manager application and its core features
  • Discuss the architecture and deployment process
  • Configure Access Manager users, groups and domains
  • Introduce concepts of a reverse proxy and how it fits in your web-based infrastructure
  • Describe protected object space and the policy access control, model
  • Explain how to set up reverse proxy junctions to handle web requests
  • Discuss and configure authentication mechanisms supported by Access Manager
  • Explain and set up logging, auditing, and tracing for Access Manager components


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