IBM Security Identity Manager Training

IBM Security Identity Manager Training


IBM Security Identity Manager Training teaches you how to help users efficiently, enforces security, reduce IT administration costs and manage compliance.

Security Identity Manager online course gives an overview of security identity manager. This gives you the knowledge of installation, configures and manage IBM security identity manager. It can deployed using virtual appliances and by formats software stack.

IBM Security Identity Manager corporate training is specially designed for aspirants who work as implementers and system administrators who deploy and manages in an organization. Security Identity Manager online class drives you through the various aspects of security management essential in an organization. This management plays a vital role in an organization. It improves user assurance, scrutinizes important information by accessing the permission implementing the automation process, the position, and the account. Nisa’s IBM Security Identity Manager corporate training empowers the lines of the business managers, offers practical and actionable compliance, and improves user assurance.


Nisa’s IBM Security Identity Manager corporate course has the following pre- requite:


  • Knowledge about Linux administrative skills.
  • Fundamentals of IBM WebSphere Application Server organizational skills.
  • Knowledge of Java scripts.
  • Knowledge about LDAP.
  • Fundamentals of TCP/ IP.
IBM Security Identity Manager
IBM Security Identity Manager Training – Learn Online


On completion of Nisa’s IBM Security Identity Manager corporate course, you will be able to:


  • Describe the value proposition of IBM Security Identity Manager.
  • Address the design and implementation method.
  • Manage organizational structure, users and functions.
  • Describe how to add users to the Identity Manager using the Identity Feed Framework.
  • Configure resources and policies for Identity Manager endpoints.
  • Configure and automate resource provisioning.
  • Customize workflows and lifecycle operations.
  • Incorporate reporting using default and custom reports.
  • Manage access to Identity Manager Consoles.
  • Configure Selective password synchronization.
  • Manage logging properties.


Nisa’s IBM Security Identity Manager course is the best platform to learn. The training is conducted using Identity manager v.7.01.10 is the best part of this course. You will get 1:1 sessions with our experts who are already working on real-time projects. Learn from our experts. We conduct online training for individuals and corporates. IBM security identity manager study material and recorded video will be provided for reference. We have a 24/7 working environment to support our clients. Get a demo session at your convenience and do enrol for a better tomorrow.


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