IBM Transformation Extender Training

IBM Transformation Extender Training


IBM Transformation Extender training gives an overview of how the IBM transformation extender performs data transfer and how it routes from source system to target system in batches in a real-time environment.

The IBM Transformation Extender corporate course enables organization that integrates industry-based suppliers, customers, and business partner transactions across the enterprise. IBM Transformation Extender course helps to learn how to automate complex transformation and validation of data between different standards and formats and how data is transformed in the cloud or on-premises. This plays a vital role in finance, supply chain, and healthcare as it avails advanced transformation support, which provides metadata for mapping, checking and compliance, and related process functioning.


Some of the features of the IBM transformation extender are:


  • Cloud – standard APIs.
  • ITX industry-specific packs.
  • Cloud platform.
  • Docker containers.
  • Modern user experience.
  • Certified containers.
  • Any – to – any data transformation.
IBM Transformation Extender
IBM Transformation Extender Training – Learn Online


Advantages of IBM transformation extender are:


  • Cloud-enabled.
  • Reduces complexity.
  • Reduces costs.
  • Certified container support.
  • Universal and flexible.
  • Transforms any data.
  • Data is transformed from anywhere.
  • Robust user experience and restful APIs.


Nisa’s IBM Transformation Extender online class includes the following topics:


  • Create workspaces and projects that use the Eclipse workbench.
  • Use the Type Designer to describe data structures, data properties, and data components as tree types.
  • Validate the tree type to ensure that the data is accurately represented.
  • Transform the flat files used by the Map Designer.
  • Use the design and mapping techniques to improve validation and throughput.
  • Use the Resource Registry to improve portability between operating environments.
  • Implement error handling.
  • Optimize map performance.

Nisa’s IBM Transformation Extender online training is the best choice as we provide online sessions in 1:1 ratio, recorded sessions, and IBM Transformation Extender online course study material. It will offer a hands-on practice approach for enrolled students. IBM Transformation Extender online certification is provided at the end of the IBM Transformation Extender online training.


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