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IBM Tririga training gives an overview of how IBM TRIRIGA integrated and centralized critical facility management processes to manage a distributed workforce, configure an organization’s workplace and increase the physical facilities utilization.

Tririga delivers an integrated workplace management solution (IWMS). It combines functional models across capital projects, real estate, portfolio data, workplace operations, and energy management within a single technology platform. It can deployed on the cloud-based or on-premise solution. A single technology platform to manage enterprise facility lifecycles and increases financial, operational and environmental performance.

IBM Tririga helps organization real estate portfolios automate operational processes, directly driving increased return on investment by mitigating the risk. IBM TRIRIGA’s actionable business analytics has the potential to increase visibility, control and automation of systems, critical alerts, space management, facilities maintenance, real estate management and energy management. This software helps in yielding higher returns from real estate transactions by preventing lease penalties, optimizing lease accounting practices and overpayments with best industrial practices. It keeps the real estate leaders informed about the decisions and opportunities to reduce operating costs and occupancy.


Some features of IBM TRIRIGA:


  • Automates the preventive and demand maintenance services.
  • Improves services provider management to reduce the cost of maintenance operations.
  • Tracks facility assessment features.
  • Helps identify opportunities to improve the environmental condition.
  • Helps to extend the life cycle of real estate and facility assets.
  • Provides means to provide and track energy and environmental performance.
  • Evaluates cost reduction .
  • Investigate strategic performance improvements.
  • ROI for opportunities to reduce energy.
  • Manage project implementation.
IBM Tririga
IBM Tririga Training – Learn Online


Benefits of IBM TRIRIGA implementation:


  • Integrated workplace management system – integrates work placement management system for workplace data integration across real estate, space management, capital projects, facility management, and environment and energy management within a single platform.
  • Provides a list of projects in operation and its schedule and budget forecast.
  • Connects workplace using ai – workspace is connecting using ai/ iot in smart connected buildings and facility management.
  • Helps to manage and control internal or external project activities.
  • Lease accounting capabilities – provides information to the lease manager by collecting records regarding the present or previous asset value, amortization summary, and please update.


Nisa’s IBM Tririga online course offers an online knowledge base for the users to address product-specific inquiries. This IBM Tririga Training starts with the most basic IBM Tririga Concepts, including navigation, menu, customization, and quick links. Nisa’s IBM Tririga training includes details on portfolio elements as a bridge to other applications. Portfolio elements include Locations, Geography, Organizations, People and Resources. Trainees are given an overview of the development and installation of IBM Tririga using the IBM Tririga Software Framework Builder Tools. Nisa’s Tririga training will focus on the design, development and problem-solving strategies used within IBM Tririga. The course can help explain the business logic and development tools of IBM Tririga and how they can be applied to fulfil the business needs without knowing how to program the underlying code.


On completion of Nisa’s IBM TRIRIGA online course, you will be able to:


  • Assign service orders manually and automatically
  • Create and process service orders
  • Create preventive maintenance tasks and schedules
  • Use the Call Center tools
  • Generate future work orders


Nisa is one of the best platforms to learn the IBM Tririga course. We have well-experienced trainers who work on real-time projects for training. Hands-on practice with the software is given to the trainees. We support 24/7 our clients. IBM Tririga certification is given to trainees on completion of the course. Enrol and learn from the experts. Early bird discounts for prior enrolments.

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