JDA WMS Training

JDA WMS Training


JDA WMS Training is a supply chain management solution. Large companies and enterprises use it for the Warehouse management processes.

Nisa Trainings JDA WMS Trainings is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software specialising in supply chain management products & services to businesses, this software is specially designed for retail industries for supply chain management. A large variety of sectors uses JDA, such as automotive, food & beverages, aerospace, retail, consumer goods, etc. JDA training has ended complete supply chain management solutions and is the world’s leading digital fulfilment platform. As a matter of fact, JDA learning resources help to optimise the cost, quicken execution, achieve revenue growth, and increase the supply chain’s efficiency. JDA products address the subtle differences within planning, delivery, demand, collaboration and fulfilment by integrating real-time market indicators as the consumer marketplace continues evolving.

Nisa’s JDA training Corporate course is a cloud-based supply chain management that helps the companies manage all aspects of warehouses, including people, products, machinery, inventory & space. JDA tutorials offer real-time market indicators around consumer behaviours, helping manufacturers build actionable assortment plans for procurement supplies. 

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JDA supply chain management is divided into three sectors:


  1. Manufacturing & distribution solutions – This sector deals with operations that involve delivering the products to the consumers. However, JDA WMS also features fulfilment maps and supply/ demand curves, aids in inventory planning, intelligent manufacturing of software monitors stocks and initiates replenishment.
  2. Retail solutions – This sector concentrates on the physical retail geographical location and the range of processes that make the businesses run efficiently. Store operations, merchandise operations, category fulfilment and retail fulfilment are tools for retail companies.
  3. Service industry solution – This sector deals with pricing & revenue management (PRM) tools. These tools focus on media, travel and hospitality fields. PRM software forecasts on data that helps to balance price versus profitability.


JDA WMS Corporate Training Course Includes The Following: 


  • Labour management
  • Inbound operations
  • Inventory management
  • Work order processing
  • Outbound operations
  • Asset management

Nisa Trainings JDA certification is the world’s leading supply chain management platform. JDA software tutorial helps you to learn real-time responsiveness, flexibility and can easily manage complex warehouse operations. 

Nisa’s JDA WMS corporate training covers inventory management, cross-docking, quality controls, order and wave management, shipping tools, load and route operations, warehouse transfer, task interleaving, task replenishments, kitting, etc. value-added services, facilitate returns and many more. 

 JDA WMS certification is provided to trainees along with hands-on practice on real-time projects. We also have well expert trainers who have been working on live projects to share their knowledge. At Nisa Training provide online as well as recorded sessions. We also offer 24/7 support. JDA WMS online class study material is also provided to the trainees. Get placed in the top companies with JDA WMS corporate course.


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  1. hello i am looking for classes so i can get certified in JDA I work with DHL Kohler they told me to find a scool or online school or classes i can take to do so. can you help please?

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