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Manhattan WMI training at Nisa covers all the concepts of WMI, Task management, Inbound overview, cycle count, Transport & execution overview, PIXES, system configuration, etc.

The abbreviation of Manhattan WMI stands for Manhattan Warehouse Management from IBM. WMI is an on-premises solution as a warehouse management solution for retailers. Being one of the best WMS in the market, it is highly mobile and flexible. This WMS uses advanced AI, proprietary algorithms and machine learning technology to improve efficiency and carrier compliance. Some of the latest features of Manhattan WMI are web service support, Omnichannel and ordering streaming, order prioritisation engine, replenishment engine, etc.

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Manhattan WMI Training – Learn Online


Features of Manhattan WMI are:

  • Cross-docking, vendor performance and quality audit
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Yard management functionality
  • Labour management modules
  • Dock door management
  • Slotting optimisation
  • Guard check-in and check out

Companies using Manhattan WMI are Tech Mahindra, Kellogg’s, ESSAR, NTT data, HP, ATOS, PWC, DHL, TSPL, Momentive, Neovia, Bestseller, and many others more. 

Nisa training is the best platform for all kinds of corporate and technology training. Nisa’s Manhattan WMI online course is prepared by experts who have been working on real-time projects for a long time. Students also get real-time scenario-based case study training which helps them understand better. Students also get Nisa’s Manhattan WMS tutorial pdf for their reference. On completion of this course, Students also get Nisa’s Manhattan WMI certification. 

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