Oracle Demantra Online Training

Oracle Demantra Online Training


 Oracle Demantra Online Training is a web-based application that enables a forecast for an organization that provides future demand, operational and strategic planning

Nisa’s Oracle demantra corporate course is a demand and supply chain management that enables accurate forecast and plan for an organization. Based on the life cycle of the existing products, oracle demantra online training helps to plan and demand by sharing projects across your organization’s departments and users. Oracle demantra online course provides the best classes for demand management, sales and operation planning etc. Oracle demantra course provides in-depth knowledge of how to customize workbench, create worksheets and workflows.


Some of the features of Oracle Demantra Corporate Training are:


  • Demand management and modeling.
  • Advanced forecasting.
  • Real-time sales and operations planning.
  • Optimizing Sales promotion.
  • Flexible multi-dimensional data modeling.
  • Accuracy in forecast.
  • Configuration, tracking interaction between the components.


Oracle Demantra
Oracle Demantra Online Training – Learn Online


Advantages of Oracle Demantra Training:


  • Learning scope opportunities.
  • By completing the course, trainees can place in MNC companies.
  • Excellent Career Opportunities Worldwide.
  • Drive consensus and accountability.

Some of the companies using oracle demantra are Arcor SAIC, Canon Europe, Dairy Crest Limited, Grupo Arcor, Grupo Herdez, PepsiCo, Inc and many more.


After completing the Oracle Demantra Corporate Training, trainees will learn about :


  • Overview and workflow of oracle demantra training
  • Understanding about workbench, worksheets.
  • Understanding filters and series
  • Analyzing forecast accuracy.
  • Demantra Demand Management Component Capabilities
  • Demand Management and AFDM Capability
  • NPI Overview
  • Data Model Wizard

Nisa training is one of the best platforms for IT corporate training. Nisa’s Oracle demantra corporate course gives an overview of the product and the architecture of the product.It includes its operations, site management and platform configuration. Oracle demantra entire online course includes demand management, advanced forecasting and demand modelling, real-time sales and operations planning. Students can take the oracle demantra exam and get Oracle demantra certification. Oracle demantra certification is provided to the students. We provide 24/7 support to the trainees. Oracle demantra study material is provided to the trainees by an oracle demantra expert. Join Nisa’s demantra Certification course and get placed in the top MNC companies.


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