Oracle OTBI Online Training

Oracle OTBI Online Training


Oracle OTBI Online Training provides a powerful tool, which is more flexible. It is effortless to use that helps get a real-time and deep understanding of Data patterns, Key Events, and Data anomalies. This is a set of customizable analysis architecture that users can create ad hoc reports, dashboards and alerts to aid decision making.

Nisa’s oracle OTBI online course teaches about real-time analysis tools, data visualization, and application extensibility. It is a platform that delivers BI capabilities on a next-generation architecture designed for deployment. 


Benefits of Oracle OTBI Corporate Course are:


  • It is more flexible.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to understand data patterns.
  • Reporting in the hands of business users.
  • Provide real-time insights.
Oracle OTBI
Oracle OTBI Online Training – Learn Online


Oracle OTBI Online Course helps you to understand about:


  • P2P cycle.
  • Base tables.
  • BI Publisher reports.
  • OTBI reports.


On completion of Nisa’s Oracle OTBI corporate training, you will learn the following:


  • Introduction to OTBI.
  • How to create the user in oracle fusion application with base tables.
  • Introduction to BIP.
  • Data Model in BIP reports.
  • Overview of the Query Builder.
  • Model, Condition, SQL, Results Understanding.
  • Creating Reports Using Data Model.
  • Creating Report using RTF template.

Some companies use Oracle OTBI course QA Limited, PenguinRandom House LLC, The American Red Cross, PNCUNS Energy CorporationCox Communications, AmazonAmerican ExpressCanon Solutions America and many more.

Nisa Oracle OTBI Training is provided to trainees along with hands-on practice on real-time projects. We have healthy, expert trainers who have been working on live projects to share their knowledge. We offer 24/7 support and recorded sessions. Oracle OTBI online class study material is provided to the trainees. Join Nisa’s Oracle OTBI corporate course and get placed in the top companies.


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